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alyssayuri in imagin_imagine

nami fic: Shinju's Time

Title: shinju's time
author: alyssayuri 
genre: slice of life, romance and others you want to add.
author's note: this fic is especially dedicated to shinju_10 because it's her birthday today. I'm not sure with the details at the end of the story but I do hope that i got it right. I'm sorry Shinju if i made a mistake/s. I do hope you like this because this is the only thing that I could give you, this is the gift I was talking to you about! Happy birthday Shin-chan! chuu~~~

Shinju was starting to get mad already, "I told you Oka-san, I don't want to have a debut!"

"I told you Shinju, you will have it!" Nene answered back.

Shinju doesn't know what to do at this time. She wanted her birthday to be as simple as any other birthday. But this was different, Shinju's going to be 18 and Nene wanted it to be perfect for her.

A lot of tables and chairs were passing by in front of her as they get ready for tomorrow...

this is so wrong!!! Shinju told herself with folding arms.


when tomorrow came, Shinju didn't want to come out from her room. Though it was her birthday, she was still upset about celebrating it so grandly.

"Sjinju-nee-san! Oka-san wants down stairs" Riku knocked on her door with full strength.

"No, I don't want to." Shinju said, she was busy texting back people who greeted her.

"Ok," riku said, "Onee-chan, otanjoubi omedettou!!!" as Riku was about to leave, the door opened immediately and Shinju pulled Riku back for a hug! She was hugging Riku's back!

"Arigatou Riku-chan!!! Shinju was really happy that he greeted her.

Riku suddenly lifted her legs and carried her downstairs. He was running as fast as he can while carrying Shinju, "Oka-san, I got Shinju nee-san!"

Riku went outside the house, still carrying Shinju, there was a van parked in front of their house. Riku, practically threw her older sister inside the van.

When Shinju attempted to get out of the van while the door was still open, the van suddenly moved and it was very fast!

"thanks Riku!" a girl shouted from the passenger seat waving at Riku.

"Wahhhhhhhh! What in the world is going on!" Shinju attempted to move toward the front seats of the van even though the road was really bumpy.

"Yo Shin-chan!" said the girl in the passenger seat. "Otanjoubi Omedettou!"

"Xiaoyu-nee-san!!!" Shinju was surprised! "Since when did you get back?" Shinju was shocked to see her older sister Xiaoyu! She came from her college which was really far away from them. "so you were the one who planned this!?"

"Actually, I came yesterday but I stayed at kaiji's last night..." Xiaoyu answered.

"Good thing oka-san let you stay for the night at your boyfriend's house..." Shinju said as she tries to remember her sister's boyfriend.

"To tell you the truth, it was Oka-san who told me to stay at Kaiji's yesterday." Xiaoyu smiled at her little sister, who is not that little anymore.

"Hey, you didn't answer me, were you the one who planned this?" Shinju was once again frustrated.

"Yes... and no..."

"What kind of answer is that!"

"It was my plan how to get you to ride this car. Oka-san said that you haven't left your room because of the debut thing..." Xiaoyu said, "I know that you can't resist Riku, that's why using him as a bait was perfect! But it was Oka-san who wants you to be there."

"... oka-san..." Shinju muttered.

"Anyway, just be a good little sister and behave and appreciate what Oka-san did for you okay?" Xiaoyu said.

Shinju can't answer anymore. So, after awhile, Shinju slept through the trip. The next thing she knew she was in... a hotel room?

It was a really cool room. She saw a really cute blue dress in front of her. a note was attached, "wear this --oka-san." But because she wasn't wearing her glasses, she didn't see the note.

She took a quick shower and tried it on. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw herself. She was really pretty, she was even astonished about herself.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, "I'm the make-up artist!" called a woman's voice. But before Shinju could get the door, the woman just came inside. She pulled Shinju and let her sit in a chair. another woman came and started styling her hair. and the rude woman was already applying foundation on her face.

Shinju tried to panic but Xiaoyu came suddenly. "Stop struggling, do you want to look ugly later?" With those words, Shinju didn't move by a bit. She didn't any choice

After an hour, Shinju, really looked beautiful now. She was wearing contacts which was really different of her.

After awhile, Nene came in.

"See Shin-chan, you really look beautiful! You're aunt misaki even made this really cute dress for you!" Nene was looking at her daughter as though she was born again! "It's been eighteen years. It's gone by so fast!" She hugged her tightly.

"Oka-san, don't worry much ok?" Shin-chan tapped her mother's back, "And stop with all the drama!"


An hour later, Shinju was waiting from outside of a room. Her Oka-san said it was her grand entrance for the debut.

This is so frustrating! I didn't ask for this, Oka-san just made me do this. I never wanted to throw a super big celebration! Wahhhhh!!!!

While Shinju was still talking to herself, "Shinju," a guy's voice was heard... "It's time."

"huh!?" Shinju was startled. But before she could see the guy, the door opened and she was a bit blinded by the lights from the next room. The guy took her arm and escorted her to the room. Everyone was applauding her, "... our debutant, Shinju!" was heard over the loud speakers. She felt that the guy let go, but she couldn't look at him. all eyes were on her.

She took the really beautiful seat in the stage which was really meant for her. She saw all the guests!

"Now, let us start the traditions of the debut" the emcee said. "the 18 roses!"

"What!?" Shinju was really surprised, but she never picked her 18 people for any of the 18's.. But she had no choice, she stood up and stepped on the dance floor. A very slow song of Hey! Say! Jump! was on! Shinju was happy to hear that song! It was perfect for the 18 roses!

"First is Shinju's brother, Riku" riku, was carrying a red rose and he was a bit shy to approach her sister, Shinju on the other hand, thought that Riku was very cute. He was wearing a neat tux that really suits him.

"Riku is so kawaii!" Shinju told him as they danced away.

"Onee-san looks cute too!" Riku said smiling. Shinju was about to melt because of his brother's cuteness.

"Next is..." as the emcee announces. Shinju danced with various guys. She danced with her classmates, friends, neighbors and even with other relatives.

After the 15th rose, this was where Shinju startled, "For Shinju's 16th rose, we have her father to dance with her, Aiba Hiroki" She was shocked to hear her father's name. It has been a long time since she's seen him.

"Oto-san!!!" shinju, hugged her father. They danced away and tears came flowing through her eyes. This was a very special moment for Shinju. She even saw Nene, she was also crying in the sidelines.

"For the 17th rose, let me introduce you to Yuto! Shinju's crush at school!" the emcee said!

Shinju was so surprised and nervous. She didn't expect this to come!

"Otanjoubi omedettou Shin-chan!" Yuto told her with a smile as he handed Shinju her 17th rose!

Shinju was so speechless, she didn't know what to say. She was so happy when she said "thank you" automatically!

"Too bad I wasn't your 18th rose..." Yuto said suddenly, as they were still dancing. This was one of the longest dance among the other 16.

Shinju was also surprised. "I'm sorry, it was my oka-san who picked my 18 people... I think." Shinju tried to explain.

"I guess, I'll be just a crush to you... maybe you have someone else in your heart." Yuto was really polite. He smiled at her for the last time as their dance was over. Yuto kissed Shinju's hand and left finally. But before he left, Shinju reached for a hug. "Thank you very much! and maybe someday, you won't just be my crush!"

Yuto finally let go of her but he gave her a sweet smile.

"And for Shinju's last dance, the 18th rose is RJ" the emcee said finally. "Shinju's childhood friend."

A familiar guy approached her. "happy birthday Pearl!" The voice was so familiar, it was the guy who escorted her. "It was you who escorted me?" Shinju asked.

"Yup, didn't you recognized me?" The guy handed Shinju her last rose. "It's been a long time."

"I know... i haven't seen you for years." Shinju was so weird-ed out. It was Shinju's first love in front of her and just like her reaction to Yuto, she was speechless.

"You made me feel jealous when you danced with that Yuto guy..." RJ said silently as they danced away. "And what's this with crush at school-thing that I heard as his relationship with you!" RJ was obviously jealous with his tone. When Shinju heard this, all she did was smile and laugh!

"I really missed you!" Shinju told him! "Don't worry about Yuto, you're my 18th rose anyway!"

When RJ heard this, all the jealousy just went away. from all of the 18 dances, this was definitely the longest one!

the night wasn't finish yet. and i'll leave shinju and her imagination with the rest of the story.




sugoii! aicchii's here too~!

otanjoubi omedettou, watashi no shinju-chan~!
i just realized that this fic is so long...