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Evil look

toakarou in imagin_imagine

W Snapshots

Title: Shoutarou and Philip: April's Fools
Authors: ToaKarou
Pairing: None
Genre: Friendship, Humour
Rating: PG
Warning: Naked Philip.

Summary: The Narumi Detectives display their inner pranksters.

It was yet another lazy afternoon at the Narumi Detective Agency. Akiko was out exploring Fuuto and Shoutarou was, as usual, sleeping on the sofa. Little could be said about what Philip was doing. Again.

Sidetracked while researching yet another everyday topic (poker cards), the teenager discovered a most curious human tradition. As he read on, the grin on his face grew until it threatened to wrap around his face.


Shoutarou was roughly shoved to the ground by a slim, smooth feminine hand. That same hand gently carassed his jaw as the owner of the hand, a hot chick he picked up at a bar, straddled him and leaned forward.

Shoutarou moaned softly as her slender fingers ran through his brown hair. She slowly brought her lips closer to his own. A little more... almost...

Strange, he felt something tickling his nose. Shoutarou wriggled his hand free and brought it up to his face to scratch the itch...


The detective woke up to a faceful of shaving cream. Oh. It was just another dream. Shoutarou sighed.

Wait a minute.

Shoutarou bolted straight up and looked around for the one who pranked him. The door to the hanger was left ajar. The culprit must be in there. He wiped the cream off his face with a paper towel before stomping towards the hanger, cursing under his breath.

As he opened the door, he was suddenly drenched in cold water.

His first reflex was to scream.

His second was to curse the pail which had fallen on his head.

His third was to scan the room for the only person in the agency who could have done this: Philip.

Said person was crouching below the platforms, giggling softly as his plan unfolded. This should teach his partner to ignore his warnings.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), Shoutarou spotted the teenager and quickly strode over to confront him.

Upon seeing this, Philip quickly punched the 'Enter' button on his Stagphone, activating the RevolGarry and thus trapping Shoutarou within the tank.

“OI PHILIP! This isn't funny! Let me out now!”

“See you, Shoutarou!” Philip patted the RevolGarry and left the room. But he took pity on Shoutarou and messaged him the possible codes to command the RevolGarry to open. Now all the detective had to do was to figure out which one was the correct code.

After 10 minutes of trial-and-error, Shoutarou finally escaped the metallic prison. During his imprisonment, he finally discovered the reason why Philip was pulling all these pranks; it was April Fool's Day.

“2 can play in this game, partner...” Shoutarou smirked evilly.

A few hours later...

After an afternoon of pranking Fuuto citizens with Watcherman and Santa-chan, Philip reluctantly returned to the Narumi Detective Agency. Afterall, he had research to complete.

Upon his return, he saw Shoutarou at the coffee table, drinking a cup of bland coffee.

“Philip, you must be tired. Have some coffee.”

Something seemed... off about Shoutarou. He seemed way too cheerful for someone who had just been pranked. Nonetheless, Philip decided to have coffee. He would need the caffeine for later anyway.

The moment he picked up the cup of coffee (which was disposable), coffee dripped through a tiny hole at the bottom, staining his clothes.

Shoutarou acted immediately, grabbing a paper towel and trying to dry his signature parka (which, despite being available at all Windscale outlets in Fuuto, seemed to only be worn by Philip alone).

“Ah, the stain's not coming off. Maybe you should take a shower.”

Philip eyed Shoutarou suspiciously as he grabbed a fresh set of clothes from his drawer and entered the bathroom.

After the shower, Philip emerged from the shower, only to find that his clothes, his towel and even the floor mat were missing. He tried to open the door, only to find that it was locked. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that the doorknobs had been reversed and locked from the outside.

Sighing, he lowered the cover of the toilet seat and sulked, not in the mood to do any research to occupy himself.

An agonising 15 minutes later, a click was heard, an indication that the door was finally unlocked. Philip slowly opened the door and found his towel on the floor. He stepped forward and tried to pick it up, but just before he could grab it, the towel moved. Philip scrambled after it to the main office, trying to cover himself up before anyone saw him.

“Hah! Gotcha!” Philip cried triumphly when he finally caught the towel. As luck would have it, Akiko returned from her trip and at the same time, a bright flash went off above him.

“AHHHHH!!!! Philip-kun, what are you doing!?” Akiko waved her green slipper threateningly. Nearby, Shoutarou was laughing at his partner's plight as he was chased around the entire agency by the chief, desperately trying to cover himself up with the towel as he did. The Batshot hovered around him, watching the commotion.

“Yeah, this should teach that boy a lesson.”