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alyssayuri in imagin_imagine

nami fanfic: family & friends tree

title: family & friends tree
author: sayuri
genre: you guys be the judge
rating: PG
pairing: ayie and riku
summary: ayie goes to her friends house, sayuri and meets her family (lame description of summary, sorry!)
Author's note: i know it's kind of long but i still hope you like it! i worked on it for like two hours, so i hope my labor will be appreciated. the story is actually too far from the truth. I'm not really sure with minna's attitudes and such, but that's what i can do for now. the character's are usually the people that i'm with so i'm sorry if not everybody is included. i actually got inspired with sempai nene and her children and i just tried my best to let everyone fit, which was a bit hard.... comments are appreciated!

Sayuri was really looking forward to this day. She met up with Ayie who just went out of the school just now.

"Ayie, i'm going home already, you want to come?" Sayuri asked Ayie.

"What for?" Ayie asked.

"it's a secret! you can find out if you come!!!" Sayuri tempted her with a sing song voice.

"Okay fine! good thing, I love you so much that i want to come!" Ayie said smiling back at Sayuri.

While walking, Ayie and Sayuri started once again their never ending conversation. what do you expect from best friends anyway?

Finally, the two reached Sayuri's home!

"OKAA-SAN, TADAIMA!!!" Sayuri cried toward the house, "Ayie's here too!"

The front door opened and a woman came out.

"Sayuri, okairi" Nene greeted her happily. "your mother won't be home until midnight, gomenazai Sayuri-chan..."

"sou ka... daijobou, oka-san is working hard, so no worries!" Sayuri said.

"anyway, come in come in" Nene invited them inside. "how are you Ayie-chan, it's been a long time since you've come to visit..."

"i'm fine thank you, i wasn't busy today so Sayuri invited me to come" Ayie answered her respectfully.

"how's your mother?" Nene asked.

"Still working as always, but she's fine." Ayie answered.

"RIKU, AYIE'S HERE!!!" Sayuri called out from the living room!

"What?! Ayie's here?!" Riku called with a panicky voice from upstairs, " just a minute!" There came fast stomping noises from the stairs, and CRASH!

"OW!!!" Ayie, Sayuri and Nene, came rushing to the foot of the stairs, Riku, just stumbled.

"That's what you get for not using your slippers, Riku-chan!" Nene told Riku.

"Gomenazai, Oka-san, i was so excited to see Ayie -chan!" Riku explained.

"Hahahaha! that was a good landing cuz!" Sayuri-chan laughed at Riku so hard.

Ayie, helped her boyfriend up, "Daijobou desu ka Riku-chan? *heehee*" Ayie asked him trying not to laugh!

"Oka-san, what was that noise?" a girl from upstairs came out! She peeked on what was happening downstairs.

"Sayuri-chan! Ayie-chan! Okairi!!!" Shinju launched down and stepped on Riku, falling once again! As Shinju hugged her cousin, Sayuri and also her friend, Ayie, All of them were laughing hard!

"you guys are so bad!!!" Riku started to look like a small boy crying! "gomenazai, Riku-chan!" Ayie started to help Riku again.
AYEEEEEEEEE! Shinju and Sayuri started to taunt them. And all the couple can do was look at each other while Ayie's supporting him up and blushed!

Someone, came down from the stairs, "Shin-chan, why did you leave me there? i was startng to stare at your HSJ collection." It was Drew, Shinju's friend, and also Sayuri and Ayie's kohai at school.

"Guys, you know Drew!" Shinju told Ayie and Sayuri. "Of course we do." Sayuri hugged drew and Ayie dropped Riku to hug Drew. Sayuri, Drew and Sinju laughed again!

"I'm seriously starting to hate this!" Riku started to get mad. good thing Ayie hugged him to shut him up! "That's okay Riku-chan!" Ayie told her!
AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! now the three girls started to taunt the couple, and immediately let go of each other!

"Nene-chan!" someone knocked at the door. Nene went and opened it, it was her sister, Misaki!

"Misaki-chan, come in!" Nene said to her sister.

"I'm not the only one who came! Yuki is here too!" Misaki told her brightly! Yuki came in and gave Nene a hug!

"it's been a long time Yuki!" Nene told her. "how're your parents, Patch-san and Trish-san?"

"they're great! they went for a vacation in Hawaii!" Yuki told her friend gleefully! "where's your sister?"

"she's busy at work and can't come home right now. you know her daughter, Sayuri?" Nene asked her.

Sayuri came and greeted Yuki, "Sensei, nice to meet you, oka-san said that you were her apprentice before..." Sayuri tried to be respectful.

"you don't need to be so formal,Sayuri -chan" Yuki reached for Sayuri and gave her a hug, even though Sayuri was taller and bigger!

Nene's children, Sayuri, Drew and Ayie greeted their aunt MIsaki and Yuki-sensei too. Misaki was laughing when she heard about Riku falling thrice while Shinju and Sayuri was telling the story. Riku, was really turning red at that time!

All of them went to the dinner table and sat. The children were talking nonstop about the new anime featured while eating dinner. Ayie even brought her anime magazine! Sayuri, Drew and Shinju, sometimes changes the topic into JE and their fangirl fantasies so that the couple will be left alone. The adults were even talking about their lives right now! Misaki was explaining her new line that she was designing for the next winter collection, Yuki was telling them about the art school she was supervising and the manga she was working on, while Nene was telling them about her family and also her adventures in writing the scripts for Kamen Rider. All of them were really grateful for what they have.

Sadly, it was time to go home. Minna gave their goodbye hugs to each other. Misaki and Yuki hopped on a car and went home. Drew started to walk home too.

But before Ayie could go, she asked Sayuri, "What was the surprise that you were telling me Sayuri-chan?"

"oh that, wait right here" Sayuri,went inside the house. after a few minutes, Riku went out.

Riku approached Ayie and handed her a paper bag. He was looking away. Though it was dark, Ayie knew that he was blushing.

Ayie opened the paper bag and took out a pink stuffed toy. "KAWAII!!!"

Riku looked at Ayie and saw her hugged the stuffed toy. "Arigatou, Riku-chan!" Riku smiled.

"Riku, i want to call her Mio!" Ayie told him. Riku just nodded, he was just happy with what was happening!

"AYIE!" it came from the window of the second floor of the house! It was Sayuri and Shinju! "AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

Ayie saw Riku turn away with shyness again but Ayie smiled and laughed!

Ayie, went home with Mio, a smile on her face and thankfulness on her heart.