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Title: LIES AND DISGUISES [Case4/??]
Author: Nene & Shinju
Characters: Hey! Say! JUMP + Kiriyama Renn as Hidari Shoutaru, Suda Masaki as Philip and Yamamoto Hikaru as Narumi Akiko + OCs
Guest Characters: Kinomoto Minehiro as Terui Ryu, Sato Takeru as Nogami Ryoutarou, Sakurada Dori as Nogami Kotarou, Matsumoto Tamaki as Kohana, Eitoku as Urataros
Pairing/s: none for this chapter
Genre: AU, friendship, drama, angst, romance
Rating: PG-13
Warning: expect blood shed on the future chapters...
Summary: Ten young men destined to be hated by fate and lost in the darkness of truth, will love lead them to change and melt their stoned hearts?

Previous Cases: One | Two | Three
Info: The Characters, How it all started

Case Summary:
Two weeks after the failed mission.

It has been two weeks since their last mission. Still, Shinkenmaru were down about the failed mission against the Torture Chamber. Feelings of anger and hatred against them had matched the bruises and wounds they had acquired. It is hard to accept since it is the first mission that they had failed together. Added to that, during those days, Magnum never stepped her foot on NDA.

"Nee, what do you think happened to Ran?" Shioli asked.

"Ankou, will you please stop mentioning Magnum's name?" Niji answered.

"Weren't you worried about her, Mai?" Hikari asked her.

"She suddenly disappeared after the mission." Mai a.k.a Niji answered bluntly.

"Ran's on a difficult state right now... She got more than what you've got..." Shoutaro defended for Ran.

"Neesan's still at the hospital... Resting..." Pressure uttered. "I don't know what had happened to her because even to me she never speaks..." Her worried eyes diverted to angered ones. "Ran-neesan only looks for him."

"Him?" Angel Sleuth curiosly asked. "Who is he, Aika-chan?"

"There are some information that you don't have to know unless the person involved will be the one to tell it..." Philip answered calmly. "It is very confidential... Only few knows that person. "

"And now, enough for that." Shoutaro fiished the talk about Ran a.k.a. Magnum.

"So now, who got a great info about JAS?" Hikari asked seriously.

"I got these." Aoi showed them some sketches. "I asked those people in-charge in every corners of the museum but no one had seen these faces."

"Those are just masks, Aya." Finzione confirmed. "Though we have those sketches, I'm sure that they won't let us know their faces."

"How can you be sure that those are masks, Reiko?" Honooko asked.

"I'm pretty sure about it. If they wanted to show their faces, they don't have to turn the lights off..." Reiko a.k.a. Finzione started. "They are just making sure that people won't recognize them when they escape."

"How?" Aya a.k.a. Aoi asked.

"No one with the same faces were seen near the place. That's one point." Reiko explained. "It could either be..."

"They put the masks after they had entered the museum so that they won't be suspected, right?" Philip concluded.

"Yes." Reiko answered.

"I also can't believe that they could attack us like that." Phoenix muttered.

"Yeah! I agree with you Shinju! They could even put their computers on autopilot... They're genuises." Black Persian agreed.

"Kiki-chan, I know how you feel. We lost also... But I will never consider them genuis..." Honooko retorted.

"What did you say, Rika?" Kiki a.k.a. Black Persian asked.

"I also don't consider them too!" Angel Sleuth shouted.

"Really? Oh Kumiko-chan... Didn't 0509 had avoided all of your traps?" Aya asked Sleuth mockingly.

"Of course!" Kumiko a.k.a. Angel Sleuth answered.

"How come? Your traps never worked on him." Shinju a.k.a. Phoenix raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, Shinju's right. You took the mission lightly." Rika a.k.a. Honooko added.

"Mou!" The only thing that Kumiko had said.

"Even Police DenLiner had no match against them." Aika a.k.a. Pressure sid sadly.

"I also can't believe that thing." A man with on a red biker outfit came inside NDA's secret room. "Officer Kintaros is very strong yet he was defeated by them."

"Inspector Terui, it's really hard to believe that. Officer Momotaros lost too." Ankou a.k.a. Shioli sadly said.

"So this Torture Chamber is very hard to beat." Akiko suddenly interrupted.

"Will you please shut up Akiko!" Shoutaro commanded.

"I'm still the chief!" Akiko retorted back.

"You are not! The chief is just somewhere else." Shoutaro muttered under his breath.

"Now let's start another investigation about them." Another man who looks like a weakling suggested. He was with a scary little girl and another young man. "By the way, I am Nogami Ryoutarou, Representative of the Police Special Task Force: Police DenLiner." He started. "These are Nogami Koutarou, my grandson and Kohana-chan, my secretary. The chief is not with us today so I'll stand in his behalf."

"Now that all the needed people are here, let's continue to the agenda." Shoutaro announced.

"First, it is about the failed mission against NDA." Ryoutarou started. "Shinkenmaru's past missions are not related to Torture Chamber, right?" Everyone nodded. "Facing them especially JUMP Assassination Squad is really far from your former missions. They are more dangerous and you must not let your guard down."

"We're also participating in all of your missions that will be related to them." The young boy named Koutarou said. "Jii-chan had already sent a spy on Torture Chamber. Thanks to you Philip-kun, we found it."

"No problem. You only have to keep it for yourselves for the meantime." Philip answered.

"This group that we are talking about is not just a simple group. They might be young men but they are really dangerous." Terui said. "I've been investigating about TTC for a very long time now yet I can't find enough information about them."

"But there's still one thing to consider, Shinkenmaru." A man arrived. He was an officer from DenLiner, the glass-eyed one with blue highlights. "I don't like your performance on your first mission against JAS."

"We're not asking for your opinion!" Kumiko said coldly.

"Oh yeah?! As far as I could dig into my memory, you are the one whom I could consider to be a happy-go-lucky one... So easy going..." The man said sarcastically.

"Nani?" Kumiko angily shouted.

"Go ahead to your observations Officer Urataros." Suddenly, a low and cold voice had spoken.

"MAGNUM!!!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Oh Ran-chan! Are you okay now? You wound is so deep." Urataros answered.

"I'm fine Ura. It's just a scratch." Ran said convincing Urataros that she's fine.

"Did he came?" Aika asked. "He will never come."

Ran smiled gently. "He did."

"Now, may I tell you my observations." Urataros spoke again. "This little girl over here didn't take the mission seriously and set ineffective traps." He said pointing at Kumiko.

"Me again? Just tell everyone that you don't like me!" Kumiko began to sulk.

"He's right, Kumiko. You just played during the mission." Ran said.

"Even you, Magnum?" Kumiko asked but Ran never answered the question. She just kept silent for a moment and left the room. "You're the worst."

"Don't mind her. Detective Akaza Banban is summoning her." Urataros backed her up. "Let's go back. All of you had fallen into their hand. They had defeated you all. Good thing that they didn't kill you."

"Maybe you're thinking that they could kill us during the mission yet they didn't." Reiko shared her insights.

"You're right. Urataros is our best observer. All of his words have sense and humor that's why we believe in him." Ryoutarou said.

"They might have something behind. Torture Chamber never acts as careful as JAS did. Maybe they are planning something and putting us into a test." Urataros explained.

" So that was it. All we have to do is to have extra care and be wary of our surroundings, right?" Kiki asked.

"Not only that. You also have to observe everything about them... We don't know yet what they want." Urataros explained.

"But from now on, I suggest that all of you should go back to training." Terui suggested.

"Back to training? What the heck?!" Kumiko retorted.

"I think we really should go back..." Kiki agreed. "We didn't do well in this mission. And as far as I've heard from the higher officers, we should be ready."

"You don't have to worry since your training will not interfere with your normal life style." Shoutaro assured. "So, as for the moment --"

"Everyone, DISMISSED!" Akiko commanded.

"AKIKO!!!!!!!!" Shoutaro shouted angrily as he ran after the chief and everyone laughed on his childish acts.


I'm very sorry for the very late update. Though I'm out of the HSJ fandom already, I'll still help Shinju update this fic since I'm the one who asked her to write it with me. I will not withdraw writing this one for ideas constantly coming in my mind only that I found it hard to put in words.

Sorry for those characters who came out as OOC. I can't stick with their personality in Toku... The next list of characters will be posted soon. I'm still writing my frist Kamen Rider fic.



WAAAAHHH!!! poor me...T^T i wasn't able to sketch them properly... anyways, I'M SO LIKING THIS!!! OMG!!!! WAAAAAH!!! I DEMAND FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the fic so far~:3 (I had only started reading it today, from chapter two to four xD)

Great job as always~! :D I'm happy that you'll still be able to help out. Ganbatte!

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