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Feb. 21st, 2011


NAMI FanFic: SCANDAL: Let It Be Heard!

 Title: SCANDAL! (One-Shot: Let It Be Heard!)

Author: paramitan

Genres: musical, drama, school life, slice-of-life, comedy, fan fiction, author’s universe

Summary: Ayie Igarashi. Yuki Sakura. Magnum Trigger. Shinju Sawada. Four girls, met together by accident, but bound by their love for a certain band. One day at their school, due to heavy rains, they took shelter in an old room. In there, they have spent the rest of the day talking to each other until they have slept. Once they woke up, they found themselves trapped in the room’s building. This is the start of their way to overcome all odds with music.

Author’s Note:

This is a Nami fan fiction originally planned by shinju-10 and is collectively conceptualized by members of the organization (including me). The idea came from a post at the forum by nenemaru_18, which placed the four girls featured here became counterparts of the members of the J-rock band Scandal (hence the title). shinju-10 didn’t have much time to make this, so the idea just became an idea.

After she has read IQ342 , she asked me to make a one-shot with her as one of the characters. This is when I was reminded of this concept. So, this is for her, and also to nenemaru_18, whose birth day is the release date of this one-shot (otanjoobi omedettou!), and also to all the Namijins I’ve first encountered in SCUAA 2010. It’s been a year since we’ve met. I still remember it well hahaha...

I might have forgotten some of the details and didn’t include that many characters , to which I apologize. But I hope I made it good (please comment if you agree or not!). I also hope you guys liked the pictures I made with this. Darn, this is the longest Author’s Note I’ve written; I’m ending it already so you can read the story now…


The date was September 26, 2009, a date Shinju, Magnum, Yuki and Ayie will never forget.

7:23 in the morning. Kaiji Katsuragi and Shinju Sawada are strolling around the school while waiting for their make-up class in Physical Science. They have no place to sit because most of the seats in the school’s public areas are already occupied.

While passing by an office, Kaiji got an idea. As his usual means to get Shinju’s attention, he poked her cheek twice.

“Why?” she asked curiously as she looks at her classmate.

“Nee, Shin-chan, let’s go to CS!” he was talking about a school building where music, humanities and physical education classes are usually held. And in their position right now, they’re possibly walking towards it.

“You wanted to play the piano again, right?” she replied jokingly.

“…I guess…plus, we can sit in there…” he said as he realized that Shinju is tired of walking because her legs are a bit shaking.

She reluctantly gave a nod. She was half-hearted about it. Though she badly wanted to sit right now, she honestly doesn’t want to be tempted to play the piano too. “I’m playing the guitar, I’m playing the guitar!” was her thought of endurance. But nonetheless, she went with Kaiji.


Piano tunes from scratch filled the second room to the left of the third floor of the building. Kaiji is ‘researching’ how to play the songs he usually hears. This time, each key he presses lead a broken tune of an Anberlin song. Shinju was humming along to a song she’s been playing all morning. When the boy pressed another key, the momentum has stopped, for no sound came out.

“What happened?” Shinju asked.

“Hmm, looks like the key’s broken.”

She knows that already. Almost all of the pianos in the building have the same kind of problem; the one in that room was no exception. “Oh no, you broke it!” she blamed teasingly.

Kaiji looked at the girl and said, “I’m that good!”

“No, you sound so awful!” she was laughing but her point was a bit serious.

“Just like the grumble of your stomach.”

He surprised Shinju who didn’t hear or feel her own stomach growling. With this, he stood up and neared his bag, where he took some coins.

“I’ll buy some food. What would you want?”

“Umm, you just choose.”

“Matching food it is, then.”

Kaiji walked towards the door. Shinju’s eyes trailed after the guy. Before he disappeared, he looked back at the girl sitting near the piano.

“Don’t leave until I come back, okay?”

With that, he stepped out of the room, leaving the room, their things, and Shinju even more tempted to play the instrument in front of her.


7:24 in the morning. A girl went inside the room. She wears glasses, much like Shinju what is wearing. Also, she sports a black jacket with red highlights and a checkered scarf wrapped around her hips. A black PSP is resting between her left thumb and the other left fingers. She looked stern and gave an aura of seriousness in her. Shinju, still lured by the piano, turned to the woman who looks like she’s from a higher year level.

“Can I sit here? I’ll just be here until my class starts at the next room.” The woman requested.

“S-sure.” Shinju replied timidly.

The woman sat and looked at the PSP. She was playing the same Kamen Rider game for two hours and there was no sign of her stopping yet. Her face showed no expression, for it is manifested on how she smashed the keys away.

Shinju went from looking at the newcomer to the piano, again. Her mind is still rambling whether to play her favorite instrument or not. It took her some time to decide, and as soon as she did, another two girls came to the room.

Their faces and heights were different, but their other physical aspects are almost identical. They had long hair ending three-fourths on the way to their hips. They have such cheerful eyes that can make smiles out of people. Also, the two wore identical clothes, sling bags and sneakers. One look at them and one can jump to conclude two things -- they’re either twins or sisters, and they’re both attractive.

Chatting their way near the window, the two took no notice of the other two already in the room. They were talking about their cosplay plans.

“I really wanted to cosplay characters from Fairy Tail.” The shorter girl uttered.

“Really? Which character there?” the taller one asked. Although she haven’t heard of the anime, she was still able to ride onto the discussion.

“Lucy Hearfilia! But in comparison to her, I’m a bit small here,” she flattens her hand up to the ground to symbolize her height. “and here, too…” pointing to the front of her body.

“Don’t worry, Sempai Yuki, I think you can still pull it out! What would her costume look like?” the taller girl relieved her friend.

When Shinju heard of the term ‘Sempai’, she turned to the girls. She thought in her mind, “Ehh? The shorter one is the sempai???”


7:26 in the morning. Still, there was no sign of Kaiji coming back. Shinju resorted to listening to songs on her MP3 player to ease her urge to play the piano, and to eat. The woman playing the PSP earlier is still… (there were only a couple of minutes that elapsed, of course she’s still playing!) The chatting couple was laughing to a joke Yuki said.

Shinju was poised to stand up when the cord of her earphone was stopped by a part of her chair, snapping the earphone out of the player. The song playing was suddenly spread into the whole room, getting the attention of the people in it.

[donna shunkan datte unmei datte, hitotsu dake tashika na mono ga aru to…]

“Wait, Ayie, is that…?” Yuki asked the taller girl.

“Yes, it is!” Ayie answered eagerly.

“That J-rock band…”the other woman uttered.

They all exclaimed.



7:27 in the morning. Kaiji is just about to receive his order – two sets of siomai with rice.

“Thank you, sir!” the counter said as she hands over two Styrofoam containers. He gets them and heads back for the room. He was surprised by who he saw when he turned around.


“Kaiji?” the girl spoke. She can’t clearly recognize her acquaintance from the entrance exam.

It looked like Kaiji is going to stay for a while. What would be of Shinju now? As for the four people in the room, they got acquainted in no time, all while the song is still playing in the background.

“I’m Magnum, but I’m usually called Nene. Second year, English major.” The woman told the group, now sitting in a circle-like arrangement near the room’s table. She was the last one to do the introductions.

“You’re English major, too?” Yuki asked enthusiastically. “I’m a third year English major!”

“Wow! You’re already a third-year student?” Shinju asked. It was a bigger surprise for her to see an upperclassman in Yuki. The one asked replied with a nod and a smile on her face.

“So, how come you and Ayie know each other? She’s on the first year just like Shinju…” Magnum inquired.

“Ahh, we just met by chance earlier…” Yuki responded.

“I bumped into her at the corridor and saw her picture cosplaying as Ciel of Kuroshitsuji. I really wanted to cosplay, so we started to talk!” Ayie continued.

It looked like four complete strangers started to talk with each other.

The song stopped, and the rains have started.


7:33 in the morning. Kaiji and Xiaoyu took shelter in the second floor of CED, another school building, just like the other people who were in the quadrangle area. They sat at the staircase leading to the third floor, with Kaiji sitting beside the window.

“Here.” He hands out one of the Styrofoam containers to the girl. The girl automatically accepted, for she likes to eat. As they commence eating, Xiaoyu raised a question.

“You must’ve bought this for someone, did you?”

“H-h-how did you know?”

“You always buy food for other people. So,” she stopped eating and looked at Kaiji. “Who?”

“It’s for…” his face reddened. “…for…” he thought he can’t say Shinju’s name, for Xiaoyu might think of something, so he uttered another name instead.


The two went silent and looked in different directions.


9:24 in the morning. The rain showed no sign of stopping, and it grew even fiercer. What started as a shower earlier became a torrent in a matter of minutes. The four looked out the window they decided to close. The once green fields that can be overlooked at the window developed into a lagoon of brownish waters.

Magnum looked at her phone. She received a message.

“Minna, looks like our classes are out. My classmate Michi sent me a text that classes in all levels are now suspended.”

Everyone is relieved.

Yuki raised a question. “The only problem is, how are we going to get out?”

Everyone is thinking.

Ayie pondered, “If it rained like this for five minutes already, chances are the lower floors are already flooded.”

“True, but since we are in the third floor, we are still safe, for now.” Shinju concluded.

Everyone is silent.

“Hey, what’s with that very huge box?” Magnum was talking about a humongous wooden box sitting in the corner of the room. It had no lock whatsoever; it’s just covered with a wooden plank. No one took notice of it until now.

“Let’s open it!” Yuki told the others. They were a bit obliged to do so out of sempai authority. When they opened it…

Everyone is amazed.

“Band instruments!” Magnum uttered.

“Oh yeah, I remember that!” said Ayie.

“There were supposed to have bands over to perform. This must be the equipment.” Shinju realized.

“It’s so cool!”Yuki conveyed awe. “Can we play it?”

“I’m gonna do lead guitar!”Shinju speedily spoke.

As for Ayie, she volunteered, “Rhythms!”

“Drums for me…” Yuki spoke confidently.

Magnum sighed. “Looks like I have no choice…”

“I wish Kai-chan was here!” Shinju stated.

“Kai-chan?” asked Magnum. Yuki and Ayie all had her eyes on her, as if implying something. Feeling a bit embarrassed to answer who he is, she just said “I said ‘I wish a man was here, so he could help us set them up!”

“Good idea! Maybe Sempai Renan is still here, I’ll try to call him.” Yuki is talking about a good friend of hers. She takes out her phone, only to find out that there was no signal.

“What’s wrong, Sempai Yuki?” Ayie questioned with a distressed tone.

“No signal.”

Magnum and Shinju took and check out their phones, too.

“There’s no questioning it.” Shinju spoke with a worried look on her face.

“Let’s just wait for someone to arrive.” Magnum suggested.

The three agreed.

Their waiting eventually lead to their slumber.


6: 02 in the evening. Two rescue boats manned by the school’s security guards scoured the school for stranded people in the buildings. Xiaoyu is already asleep in Kaiji’s lap when the first rescue boat came to their building. The boy thought of waking the girl up, but the influx of people nearing the boat stopped him from doing so. His thoughts were on the situation of his classmates, but her eyes on Xiaoyu. The sleeping face of hers drew closer and closer to him. He was very close when he whispered.

“Xiaoyu…I’m sorry…I can’t…take it anymore…”

Xiaoyu suddenly woke up full of red in her face. She was about to give in, but her mood was spoiled by the next words Kaiji spoke.

“Get off me for a while, I need to go to the comfort room!!!!”

She was knocking his chest with half of her arms while saying “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

Kaiji was baffled by her sudden tantrum. “Ehh?”

“Even if I get off you right now, the comfort room’s below, and below is submerged in water! You can’t go to the comfort room!”

He was frustrated by that fact he never realized.



7:47 in the evening. Ayie was the last person to wake up. She found her new friends looking towards the window, towards the never-ending darkness. The room itself is also dark. If it weren’t for the light of their phones, Ayie could’ve mistaken them for ghosts.

“No one’s coming.” Magnum concluded.

There were no lights to be seen outside…

“How are we going to be saved now?” Yuki spoke with distress.

…there were no people to be seen outside…

“Ayie, are you awake now?” Shinju inquired.

…there were no other objects to be seen outside…

Ayie nodded. “Why, Shinju-chan?”

…there were no hopes to be seen outside…

“I have an idea.”

…only on the inside.


7:49 in the evening. The rains have just stopped. The crowd at CED has numbered down to six people. Another rescue boat has come, but only has the capacity of five more people.

“Kaiji, thank you for today.” Xiaoyu spoke softly as she descends to the boat. As she looks back, she was surprised to see him stay at the building. “Wait, you’re not coming with me?”

Her classmate answered in a composed manner. Kaiji’s answer resounded on her mind.

“Go first; I still have…someone to save.”

And the boat has left.


7:52 in the evening. Shinju’s idea came into being.

“Done!” Shinju sighed.

“But we have electronic instruments…” Yuki raised another point, a point that hurt everyone except her, who will be handling the drums.

“Yes. We got the equipment set up just like you told us to, but what exactly are we going to do?” asked Ayie.

Shinju replied confidently with a smile on her face. “We’re going to make sure we’re going to be heard!”

Magnum went “shopping” at the adjacent rooms and found something that can power up their guitars.

“Nifty, a generator and an extension cable!”

The group was full of hope and excitement as they set up the generator. As they power up their guitars, Magnum was a bit reluctant to play the bass, for she never played it once.

“I mean, I’ve watched other people play it. I learned how, but this is my first time playing it.”

Shinju spoke words of encouragement.

“This is the first day we have met. This would be your first time to play the bass. This is our first time to play as a group. This may be hard, but the first time is the right time to rise above challenges. If you can do it, it will create a huge impact on how you’re going to handle problems. You’ll never need second chances any longer. Think of your first time as your last time, and you are sure to savor and enjoy every moment of it, even more if you were successful. Want to give it a go?”

Everybody smiled. With the sound of the drumsticks, Ayie’s voice pronounced the start.

“One, two, three, go!”


7:53 in the evening. The last guy on CED is currently telling the guard manning the boat something.

“I tell you, there are still people in CS!”

“Sir, our other boats have come twice at CS and found no one in there!”

“Please, I need to go back there, some—“

This is when they’ve heard a sound, a sound that Kaiji instantly realized. It was the song that Shinju was humming along in the room earlier.

“Shunkan Sentimental.” He whispered. Then, he glared at the eyes of the guard. “Get me there now!” 

The guard quipped in fear as he takes the boat off, bringing Kaiji with him. Their destination – to where the sound was coming from.


[kawashita hazu no na yakusoku ga, kyou mo, bokura no mirai wo ubawo oto suru…]

Shinju was feeling great about singing the lyrics of the song. Although she struggles a bit in the multitasking, she’s still able to pull it off.

[hoshi ga ate kita mono wo tenishi demo, sunao ni, umaku wararenai to wa naze darou…]

Ayie was doing the second voice for this one. She, like Shinju, was struggling with singing while strumming the guitar. She’ll get the hang of it, she thought.

[afureru namida wa yoasayaku wakai janai…]

Yuki was steady with her beats. Among the four, she might have the most practice, for she regularly plays drums in arcades.

[itami ga unda, kakera de…]

Magnum did second voice for the line. She just felt out how the bass would sound and plucked random strings, which turned out to be complementing to the overall effect.

They were about to sing the chorus when a voice of a man emerged from outside the room.

“Shin-chan, I’m back!”

The makeshift band stopped playing their instruments as Kaiji stood shocked at what they were doing.


8:11 in the evening. The six are now travelling towards the nearest train station. It took them some time to explain to the guards what they were doing and to put away the instruments.

“ I thought you were very brilliant!” said the guard. “I’m already a fan!”

The four were glad and giggled amongst themselves after they have heard those words.

Meanwhile, Kaiji was silent at the sides. Shinju tried to console him. “Kai-chan…”

“So he’s Kai-chan…” Magnum deduced. “Pretty bad-looking fellow.”

“No need to rub it in.” he replied.

The boat was filled with a slight whip of laughter.

“Hey, wanted to do more of what we did earlier?” Yuki suggested. The other three were ecstatically agreeing to what she has raised. As for Ayie, she was quiet and serious.

“Ayie, not even you…” Shinju looked at her with a concerned face. The girl looked at the guy, then to Shinju.

“Let’s do a band.”

“That’s a brilliant idea!” the guard jumped into the discussion. He’s pretty much into brilliance, don’t you think?

“To the band!” Magnum exclaimed while she placed her palm facing downward to the center of the boat. The others followed suit, Yuki, Shinju, and then Ayie. In one moment, they released their hands to the air while shouting the name…


The coincidence made the girls laugh. As for the guys, they were smiling at the four who seemed like they’re having fun. Despite having a huge rain on their parade, their first time as a group and their first day as a band made their day truly splendid. They sure savored and enjoyed every moment of it. The date was September 26, 2009, a date Shinju, Magnum, Yuki and Ayie will never forget.



Oct. 10th, 2010



nami fic: Shinju's Time

Title: shinju's time
author: alyssayuri 
genre: slice of life, romance and others you want to add.
author's note: this fic is especially dedicated to shinju_10 because it's her birthday today. I'm not sure with the details at the end of the story but I do hope that i got it right. I'm sorry Shinju if i made a mistake/s. I do hope you like this because this is the only thing that I could give you, this is the gift I was talking to you about! Happy birthday Shin-chan! chuu~~~

Shinju was starting to get mad already, "I told you Oka-san, I don't want to have a debut!"

"I told you Shinju, you will have it!" Nene answered back.

Shinju doesn't know what to do at this time. She wanted her birthday to be as simple as any other birthday. But this was different, Shinju's going to be 18 and Nene wanted it to be perfect for her.

A lot of tables and chairs were passing by in front of her as they get ready for tomorrow...

this is so wrong!!! Shinju told herself with folding arms.


when tomorrow came, Shinju didn't want to come out from her room. Though it was her birthday, she was still upset about celebrating it so grandly.

"Sjinju-nee-san! Oka-san wants down stairs" Riku knocked on her door with full strength.

"No, I don't want to." Shinju said, she was busy texting back people who greeted her.

"Ok," riku said, "Onee-chan, otanjoubi omedettou!!!" as Riku was about to leave, the door opened immediately and Shinju pulled Riku back for a hug! She was hugging Riku's back!

"Arigatou Riku-chan!!! Shinju was really happy that he greeted her.

Riku suddenly lifted her legs and carried her downstairs. He was running as fast as he can while carrying Shinju, "Oka-san, I got Shinju nee-san!"

Riku went outside the house, still carrying Shinju, there was a van parked in front of their house. Riku, practically threw her older sister inside the van.

When Shinju attempted to get out of the van while the door was still open, the van suddenly moved and it was very fast!

"thanks Riku!" a girl shouted from the passenger seat waving at Riku.

"Wahhhhhhhh! What in the world is going on!" Shinju attempted to move toward the front seats of the van even though the road was really bumpy.

"Yo Shin-chan!" said the girl in the passenger seat. "Otanjoubi Omedettou!"

"Xiaoyu-nee-san!!!" Shinju was surprised! "Since when did you get back?" Shinju was shocked to see her older sister Xiaoyu! She came from her college which was really far away from them. "so you were the one who planned this!?"

"Actually, I came yesterday but I stayed at kaiji's last night..." Xiaoyu answered.

"Good thing oka-san let you stay for the night at your boyfriend's house..." Shinju said as she tries to remember her sister's boyfriend.

"To tell you the truth, it was Oka-san who told me to stay at Kaiji's yesterday." Xiaoyu smiled at her little sister, who is not that little anymore.

"Hey, you didn't answer me, were you the one who planned this?" Shinju was once again frustrated.

"Yes... and no..."

"What kind of answer is that!"

"It was my plan how to get you to ride this car. Oka-san said that you haven't left your room because of the debut thing..." Xiaoyu said, "I know that you can't resist Riku, that's why using him as a bait was perfect! But it was Oka-san who wants you to be there."

"... oka-san..." Shinju muttered.

"Anyway, just be a good little sister and behave and appreciate what Oka-san did for you okay?" Xiaoyu said.

Shinju can't answer anymore. So, after awhile, Shinju slept through the trip. The next thing she knew she was in... a hotel room?

It was a really cool room. She saw a really cute blue dress in front of her. a note was attached, "wear this --oka-san." But because she wasn't wearing her glasses, she didn't see the note.

She took a quick shower and tried it on. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw herself. She was really pretty, she was even astonished about herself.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, "I'm the make-up artist!" called a woman's voice. But before Shinju could get the door, the woman just came inside. She pulled Shinju and let her sit in a chair. another woman came and started styling her hair. and the rude woman was already applying foundation on her face.

Shinju tried to panic but Xiaoyu came suddenly. "Stop struggling, do you want to look ugly later?" With those words, Shinju didn't move by a bit. She didn't any choice

After an hour, Shinju, really looked beautiful now. She was wearing contacts which was really different of her.

After awhile, Nene came in.

"See Shin-chan, you really look beautiful! You're aunt misaki even made this really cute dress for you!" Nene was looking at her daughter as though she was born again! "It's been eighteen years. It's gone by so fast!" She hugged her tightly.

"Oka-san, don't worry much ok?" Shin-chan tapped her mother's back, "And stop with all the drama!"


An hour later, Shinju was waiting from outside of a room. Her Oka-san said it was her grand entrance for the debut.

This is so frustrating! I didn't ask for this, Oka-san just made me do this. I never wanted to throw a super big celebration! Wahhhhh!!!!

While Shinju was still talking to herself, "Shinju," a guy's voice was heard... "It's time."

"huh!?" Shinju was startled. But before she could see the guy, the door opened and she was a bit blinded by the lights from the next room. The guy took her arm and escorted her to the room. Everyone was applauding her, "... our debutant, Shinju!" was heard over the loud speakers. She felt that the guy let go, but she couldn't look at him. all eyes were on her.

She took the really beautiful seat in the stage which was really meant for her. She saw all the guests!

"Now, let us start the traditions of the debut" the emcee said. "the 18 roses!"

"What!?" Shinju was really surprised, but she never picked her 18 people for any of the 18's.. But she had no choice, she stood up and stepped on the dance floor. A very slow song of Hey! Say! Jump! was on! Shinju was happy to hear that song! It was perfect for the 18 roses!

"First is Shinju's brother, Riku" riku, was carrying a red rose and he was a bit shy to approach her sister, Shinju on the other hand, thought that Riku was very cute. He was wearing a neat tux that really suits him.

"Riku is so kawaii!" Shinju told him as they danced away.

"Onee-san looks cute too!" Riku said smiling. Shinju was about to melt because of his brother's cuteness.

"Next is..." as the emcee announces. Shinju danced with various guys. She danced with her classmates, friends, neighbors and even with other relatives.

After the 15th rose, this was where Shinju startled, "For Shinju's 16th rose, we have her father to dance with her, Aiba Hiroki" She was shocked to hear her father's name. It has been a long time since she's seen him.

"Oto-san!!!" shinju, hugged her father. They danced away and tears came flowing through her eyes. This was a very special moment for Shinju. She even saw Nene, she was also crying in the sidelines.

"For the 17th rose, let me introduce you to Yuto! Shinju's crush at school!" the emcee said!

Shinju was so surprised and nervous. She didn't expect this to come!

"Otanjoubi omedettou Shin-chan!" Yuto told her with a smile as he handed Shinju her 17th rose!

Shinju was so speechless, she didn't know what to say. She was so happy when she said "thank you" automatically!

"Too bad I wasn't your 18th rose..." Yuto said suddenly, as they were still dancing. This was one of the longest dance among the other 16.

Shinju was also surprised. "I'm sorry, it was my oka-san who picked my 18 people... I think." Shinju tried to explain.

"I guess, I'll be just a crush to you... maybe you have someone else in your heart." Yuto was really polite. He smiled at her for the last time as their dance was over. Yuto kissed Shinju's hand and left finally. But before he left, Shinju reached for a hug. "Thank you very much! and maybe someday, you won't just be my crush!"

Yuto finally let go of her but he gave her a sweet smile.

"And for Shinju's last dance, the 18th rose is RJ" the emcee said finally. "Shinju's childhood friend."

A familiar guy approached her. "happy birthday Pearl!" The voice was so familiar, it was the guy who escorted her. "It was you who escorted me?" Shinju asked.

"Yup, didn't you recognized me?" The guy handed Shinju her last rose. "It's been a long time."

"I know... i haven't seen you for years." Shinju was so weird-ed out. It was Shinju's first love in front of her and just like her reaction to Yuto, she was speechless.

"You made me feel jealous when you danced with that Yuto guy..." RJ said silently as they danced away. "And what's this with crush at school-thing that I heard as his relationship with you!" RJ was obviously jealous with his tone. When Shinju heard this, all she did was smile and laugh!

"I really missed you!" Shinju told him! "Don't worry about Yuto, you're my 18th rose anyway!"

When RJ heard this, all the jealousy just went away. from all of the 18 dances, this was definitely the longest one!

the night wasn't finish yet. and i'll leave shinju and her imagination with the rest of the story.



Jul. 6th, 2010

Apple Candy


W One-shots

Title: Kamen Rider figurines: Now on sale!
Author: ToaKarou
Pairing: None
Genre: Humour
Rating: PG
Warning: None

Summary: A franchise based on Kamen Rider is born in Fuuto... without the man's knowledge. Shoutarou demands answers.

It's tough being an anonymous celebrity.Collapse )

May. 26th, 2010



nami fanfic: family & friends tree

title: family & friends tree
author: sayuri
genre: you guys be the judge
rating: PG
pairing: ayie and riku
summary: ayie goes to her friends house, sayuri and meets her family (lame description of summary, sorry!)
"it's a secret! you can find out if you come!!!" Sayuri tempted her with a sing song voice.Collapse )

May. 16th, 2010

Evil look


W Snapshots

Title: W: Trapped
Author: ToaKarou
Pairing: None
Genre: Humour
Rating: PG
Warning: None

Summary: W is trapped in Extreme form. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Shoutarou is probably screaming in agony.Collapse )

May. 2nd, 2010

Evil look


W Snapshots

Title: Ryu: Interrogated by Akiko
Author: ToaKarou
Pairing: None
Genre: Humour
Rating: PG
Warning: None

Why does Ryu like motorcycles? Hmm...

"Don't ask me questions!"Collapse )
Evil look


W Snapshots

Title: Shoutarou and Philip: April's Fools
Authors: ToaKarou
Pairing: None
Genre: Friendship, Humour
Rating: PG
Warning: Naked Philip.

Summary: The Narumi Detectives display their inner pranksters.

Who got it the worst?Collapse )

May. 1st, 2010




Title: LIES AND DISGUISES [Case4/??]
Author: Nene & Shinju
Characters: Hey! Say! JUMP + Kiriyama Renn as Hidari Shoutaru, Suda Masaki as Philip and Yamamoto Hikaru as Narumi Akiko + OCs
Guest Characters: Kinomoto Minehiro as Terui Ryu, Sato Takeru as Nogami Ryoutarou, Sakurada Dori as Nogami Kotarou, Matsumoto Tamaki as Kohana, Eitoku as Urataros
Pairing/s: none for this chapter
Genre: AU, friendship, drama, angst, romance
Rating: PG-13
Warning: expect blood shed on the future chapters...
Summary: Ten young men destined to be hated by fate and lost in the darkness of truth, will love lead them to change and melt their stoned hearts?

Previous Cases: One | Two | Three
Info: The Characters, How it all started

Case Summary:
Two weeks after the failed mission.

It has been two weeks since their last mission.Collapse )

Evil look


W Snapshots

Hey there, first post in this comm... Will be uploading my Kamen Rider fics here, so let's get along! ^^;;

Title: Philip: Yaoi/Yuri
Authors: ToaKarou
Pairing: None
Genre: Friendship, Humour
Rating: PG
Warning: Erm... Nosebleed?

Summary: Philip discovers yaoi. And yuri. Oh dear.

Poor Shoutarou...Collapse )

Apr. 9th, 2010

yuto in pink




Author: Shinju

Subject: PNU-Nami-jins

Summary: 3 Times Nami-jins caught Riku dancing.

Type: Nami-fic, Prompt

Warning: a MAJOR FAILURE!!!>.<

A/N: Oww…just a random thought so forgive me…haha and Riku, don’t go running after me when you read this huh? Haha the 10th is near so I think this just plain tribute on commemorating the day okaasan adopted us…>.< (is my grammar even correct?) hope you guys enjoy reading this. COMMENTS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!>.<

To my beloved family -- the NAMI-jins...hehe~! >>.<<


"Yeah...we forgot...It's his favorite dance..."Collapse )

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